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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Win a Hyundai for Nothing!

We had a surprise when we went to Cineleisure to obtain tickets for the latest X-files movie yesterday. Hyundai was giving out a new car for absolutely nothing. You just have to be a Malaysian with a valid driving license, fill up the form, willing to queue up for your turn, put your hand into the box of a thousand over keys and pull out the key which opens the padlock to the car. The promotion is only on from 30th July to 1st August 2008. So you'd better hurry on to try your luck and get that Hyundai beauty for Nothing!

It didn't take too much of time to get to the box but we surely didn't win the car although it would be great as my car is still in the garage until .... . I surely hope they get my spare parts! Good luck to those who would like to try to win the car!

As it turned out the car was a four-speed automatic and five-speed manual transmission, fuel efficient sleek 1.1L hatchback called Hyundai "i10" which is retailing at RM48, 888. A more powerful 1.2 L 16V DOHC variant with Kappa Engine of the car is available in India.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Danger in a parking lot!

A Proton Saga 1.3 was seen to swerve rapidly across the divider, crossed the curb of the road, hit a new Proton Persona car parked next to my Citroen Picasso which in turn smashed into the left side of my car. A bank staff who was walking in between was hit on his right hip and had bruising on his right ankle.

I heard the loud bang and came out to have a look outside the office. I was too shocked to be angry at the driver and stood staring at the sorry sight of the 3 cars. It took just a few seconds for a sympathetic crowd to commune at the scene and they started interrogating and chastising him. Within minutes there were many agents (accident consultants and towtruck agents) who joined in the fray. Again, I was thankful the regular police patrol car came by and gave us assistance and ensured calm and provided us with the much needed advice.

Who says it is safer to park in the parking lot? Maybe it would be a good idea to ride to work on my bicycle now that I am without my car?

Monday, July 14, 2008

All for One and One for All!

Clarissa, Christa and their cousin, Li Shuen celebrated the birthday together. Their uncle bought a Pandan cake from Golden Bake Bakery and there were 7 candles. Clarissa (5 yrs old) wanted to be in the centre while Christa and her cousin stood on the chairs beside her. They each took turns to sing the Birthday song and blow the candles. This was the first birthday where the candles were almost fully utilised by the time all three girls were through with them. Then came the cake-cutting for the photo. They each had a pastry knife in their hands and cut at various angles for the photo. I don't think they would be afraid of any papparazzi at this age.

Pantai Seafood (Jalan Chempaka)

We had the opportunity to have a feast at Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Chempaka, just off the road to the Damansara Exit to NKVE. They have a wide selection of seafood e.g. Alaskan Crab, Snow crab, local crabs Geoduct clams, Lobsters, Oysters, snails, a wide variety of fish and other molluscs. Everyone who visits the restaurant would spend at least 5 minutes staring at their 'live food' before they are taken out of the tanks and weighed.

They really mean business by serving fresh seafood. The crab dishes (Salted Egg Fried and Sweet and Sour) came out steaming hot with the juiciness and texture of the flesh very much intact. Although we also had roasted pig forelimbs, steamed fish, tofu, vegetable, and butter clams. Most of us agreed that the highlight of the day was the salted egg fried crab dish.

Here are some of the photos:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Christa's Santa Doggie soft toy

Christa decided that I had to take the photo of her Santa doggie soft toy. She started placing the toy on my laptop and insisted that I comply and otherwise she would disturb my work on the laptop.

So here's the children's request of the Santa in full and close-up.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ooppss! I forgot the girls are waiting for us

I sent both Clarissa and Christa to Sunday School this morning and joined Mommy for Sunday Church Service. The service was slightly longer than usual with a invited speaker who made several pertinent points which made some sense spiritually. Little did I know that other parents have already picked up their children 'early' leaving our two girls behind.

Clarissa cried when she was picked up by Mommy. She was hurt by the fact that we turned up later than other parents. Christa was not amused and said "I didn't cry also!".

Friday, July 11, 2008

Benedict is doing Squats!

I'd figure that this is something which gets every father excited. Baby Benedict has started standing on his own at 9+ months. To top it up, he has started doing squats to catch our attention. It must have been his frequent exercises in the baby cot which strengthened his feet and sense of balance. Although we were afraid that he would topple over, he seemed to know where to place his balance just right.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cycling for Fitness

Much is being said about eating and not doing any exercise. I have started 'training' on my bicycle so that I may get fitter and trim the waist circumference by 6 - 8 cm (equivalent to 6- 8 kg weight loss). The final goal to is to be able to cycle 2 or 3 times to work safely (and anywhere else within the 5 km radius from my home). It's a cost effective way of travel without harming the environment.

You can find out about it all at my new blog here. Do let me know what you think!

Mommy, maybe you should join me for some exercise, soon?

A visit to Telok Gong

The whole family visited the famed Telok Gong (see GPS location) last Sunday in 3 cars. Despite the toll charges from Damansara Exit to Telok Gong(didn't notice as I was using the Smart Tag) and cost of petrol, it was a worthwhile outing for good food. We had 3 different varieties of crabs, nyonya sotong, steam seabass, oyster omellette, bamboo clams ( I think that's what it's called), young 'kai-lan' and coconut water.

Here are some of the photos taken during the trip.

Did anyone leave some fried buns to dip in the crab chilli-tomato gravy? Although we ordered another plate of 10 buns, it took us less than 5 minutes to gobble them up.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fun and Barbecue at The Palace Beach and Spa

I had the privilege to have been invited for a dinner barbecue at The Palace Beace and Spa last Friday. Mommy, Clarissa and Christa were thrilled as the resort had a full view of the Mines lake and the Palace of Golden Horses. 'The resort boasts of a swimming pool designed to mimic a lagoon with the silver fine sand surrounding it.

The wide selection of salads, grilled seafood and fresh oysters, barbecue lamb, beef and chicken, fried rice and noodles, dessert and local fruits made it worthwhile for the visit. We were entertained by a local MC who seemed to know both dance and mimicry. We were decorated with a piece of local batek sarong each to set the mood for the evening of fun.

I have enclosed some photos to show you how much we enjoyed ourselves.