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Friday, April 25, 2008

Clarissa had her ears pierced!

I came back a few days ago to find Clarissa grining widely and I almost immediately noticed something shining on her earlobes. Mommy had her ears pierced and now she has a temporary gold ear stud in each lobe.

Hmmm ... . Should I protest? Should I keep quiet? Well,... I thought I would just praise her for being brave about the whole episode. "It's not painful," she said. I was only concerned that they used a sterile procedure and she doesn't react to the metal (allergy).

"Mommy, ... as long as you'd keep Benedict's ears free from any metal piercing it would be fine with me", I said quietly. I don't think I could stop the girls from having beauty accessories as they have started to dabble with make-up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Part II: Making babies according to Clarissa

Dearest Daddy,

You can add this in the fathering web too...

Mommy : Clarissa, tell daddy to give mommy a baby, ok?
Clarissa : Why daddy? You must eat a lot, a lot and your stomach become big, then you have baby lor....
Mommy :Hahahaha.... (laughing out heartily ...)



Mommy, are you serious you are ready for another?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Part 1: Making babies according to Clarissa

The girls love to take out our wedding photos from the cabinet. They seem to go through them almost every month just to identify who was Mommy and Daddy. Lately, Clarissa (4+ yrs old) came out with her own theory of procreation.

"Mommy wears the long white dress and Daddy wears the black coat. Then Mommy and Daddy got married. Mommy and Daddy got into the car and then Mommy got a baby (Clarissa obviously being the first child).

Mommy, it didn't quite happen that way did it?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oyster Mee Suah for everyone

If you have not tried this, you might want to. We brought the children to Ikano Power Centre, Damansara Perdana last Sunday. And guess what we found? Shilin Taiwanese Street Snacks has set up another branch at the LG Floor of Ikano!

We decided to have the Oyster Mee Suah i.e. something simmering hot and exotic in taste. I informed the counter staff to leave out the sambal belacan and oysters from one bowl (for Christa and Clarissa) and place them in our bowl. (Yes! Extra sambal belacan and oysters!!!). Mommy split the servings into two for each of the girls so that they needn't fight over food. And Mommy and I shared the other bowl while Benedict watched.

The girls got a Vitasoy each for good behaviour and we went on with our shopping soon after.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Face painting free at Tesco

Clarissa had the privilege of having her hand painted when we were having lunch at Tesco just next to the play area. There were a few volunteer artists who were busy painting the hands and faces of children who lined up for a carefully designed painting on their delicate skin. I suppose Mommy thought she would not risk having the skin painted (in case of allergies).

The painting turned out to be a red coloured butterfly on the back of her hand with little silver dust specks on the side. Definitely something to make Christa jealous when she wakes up from her sleep.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


It may not sound like English, but I had difficulty figuring out who did up the walls for us several months ago. I could remember Clarissa doing some colouring at the same wall 3 yrs ago but now there seemed to be more 'caricatures'. Can't remember doing any of these drawings when I was young as punishment would come very swiftly from Grandpa. I suppose Grandma would clean up the drawings before Grandpa could see them!

I found some nicely written numbers on our cream coloured sofa cushion this afternoon after my morning session of work. Mommy told me Christa did it this time (again!). It did look like the teachers at Montessori had been doing a great job.

Where is that magic cleaner or Dynamo detergent?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Policeman with a heart!

Hehe! I went to KL Sentral with Mommy and all 3 children to buy the Smart Tag yesterday evening. Not knowing where the Touch 'N' Go shop was, I dropped Mommy and Christa off at the main entrance and waited for a while. Soon enough I was shoo-ed away by the policeman who said, "No waiting!". I took the car around KL Sentral and then slowly approached the entrance just to buy time only to be ushered away by the same officer.

The third time around Benedict started crying and he wasn't happy with the water bottle Clarissa gave him. I then decided to stop the car along the side next to the bus stop and took out the milk container, hot and cold water flasks and made the milk. Just as I was about to empty the milk powder into the bottle. The policeman appeared again. I thought, "... he's gonna chase me away again". He didn't. He gestured for me to park in front and to go as soon as I finished. Shortly after Mommy came with Christa to relieve me of my paternal duties. Mommy told me that there was a good Etiqa-Touch 'N' Go promotion all for only RM120.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Benedict's Crawling to dangerous places

Now that Benedict's able to sit on his own and crawl quite comfortably, we can't let him out of our sight. Clarissa has been promoted to 'warden' to ensure that he doesn't start to pull the wires of my aquarium. Christa has been given the task to ensure that the colour pencil broken ends do not litter the floor after she finishes her colouring. He has started to pick things up from the floor and everything he grapples with goes into his mouth. It's true that Grandma said that we need someone to follow him as long as he is crawling on the floor. Help!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Reptile Exhibition at One Utama

Mommy and I brought all 3 children to One Utama yesterday for shopping. We were curious to find out about the Reptile Exhibition. Clarissa insisted that she wanted to see some snakes and pulled onto Mommy's hands and refused to budge. I had the honour of sending the shopping bags and the double stroller back into the car while Mommy waited for me at the entrance. The girls were thrilled and started screaming out in delight.

As soon as we got to the entrance we were greeted by a monkey and 2 birds before we got the tickets. I was busy taking photos of sleepy snakes all rolled-up in their clay or porcelain tray or laying on dried leaves. Some of the snakes were on the branches of twigs and branches (depending on their sizes).

I was surprised to see spiders, monkeys, birds and foxes amongst the display at the exhibition. Although I love to appreciate animals, I still prefer to see them in the wild or on the Discovery Channel rather than in captivity.

Both Christa and Clarissa wanted to have a closer look at the snakes but held onto me very tightly when they came closer to the cages of the animals. I was glad that there wasn't any stench in the exhibition area unlike in some zoos. Mommy, we should bring them to visit the Zoo Negara soon?!