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Monday, May 28, 2007

What's a suitable name for a baby boy?

Come September 2007 Mommy is expecting a baby boy! We're all excited (both our parents are too!). Mommy has asked me about the name of our boy. "Hmm...! Can we wait and do it wisely", I said. "It's always good to name the baby boy after me, perhaps? Like what my father did for my elder brother!", I said. She wasn't impressed.

There are lot's of resources for baby names in the www e.g. babynames,babynamesworld or from the Bible. We want a name that suits the baby more than it suits us. We do not give him a name that others would poke fun at. We do not want a name which is too popular. Neither do we want to have a name which is too difficult to pronounce that everyone would be using another name in short. We want a name with meaning and possibly a name which has positive impact in both English and Chinese!

Any ideas?

Monday, May 21, 2007

A field trip with Clarissa

I was called to go for the first match of the hockey team that I was assisting when Clarissa said that she wanted to follow. I said "Yes, you can come along" thinking that we would be back home soon. Mommy told me that she would not get used to the hot weather but she relented.

Clarissa climbed onto the Britax car-seat and we were off to the Pantai Hockey Stadium. She was thrilled when she went onto the Astroturf.

She had a broad smile and swung her arms while holding onto mine. She had never seen so many sweaty bodies clad in uniform jerseys. As we sat down behind the players of my team, she started with song. Sounded like she memorised the whole CD and I could catch the tune and some of the words. The players didn't shift their attention much as they were focused on the match.

Our English coach was very friendly and reached out to shake her hands but she withdrew and clung onto my shorts. To my surprise she started repeating some of the phrases the coach said as if she was being tested for mimicry.

She stood just in front of our bench and continued singing with a little jingle in between. The assistant team manager was amused at her antics and smiled. She again shied away but this time she left a smile.

At the end of the match, she was slightly dehydrated and sweaty despite drinking up from her favourite rubbermaid water bottle. She slumped into her car-seat and dozed off as we left the stadium.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I accidentally ..... pushed Christa!

Clarissa (3+yrs) and Christa (1+yrs)came back after a visit to Grandad and Grandma's place while I was having shower. They were happily laughing away when I heard Clarissa saying, "Don't!". Soon after that, Christa came out rushing from the bedroom wailing with her whole face as red as a beetroot. Upon seeing that I was busy changing she rushed to the kitchen looking for Mommy.

I picked up the pace and asked Clarissa what had happened. "I accidentally...!", she exclaimed. "Tell me the truth, Clarissa!", I added. "Christa pulled my hair! Then I pushed her and she fell down!". She didn't mention that her sister fell off the bed onto the floor.

I was pleased that she told the truth and did not use the excuse, "accidentally". Clarissa got off with a reprimand but Christa found solace in the arms of Mommy. I rewarded both with raspberry jelly marshmallow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A matter of mistaken identity

Mommy woke me up last Saturday night telling me to place Clarissa in the cot. Still daze and half asleep, I just took the child who looked like Christa (due to the clothing) and did just that. The following morning, I took a look at the children's bed and told Mommy, "Doesn't Christa just look more like Clarissa as she gets older?". Mommy said,"That's Clarissa on the bed! You took the wrong one last night. I thought you realised that?!".

I guess the children shared their clothing as they are almost the same size now, except that Clarissa is much slimmer.

What would I do if we ever get to half a dozen children?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Uncle has a fat and a shaky bum-bum!

Ooops!!! It was just after shaking the hands of a church friend where Clarissa made a startling remark, "Uncle has a fat and shaky bum-bum!". To my horror she mentioned it as he was just leaving. It's often that she does a running commentary of what people wear and how they look in their outfit. I asked her to repeat what she said about the uncle and she said nothing. We're planning to explain to her that she was to be careful what she says as not to hurt others.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Daddy, I want .... stomach!

Last night Christa was restless when Mommy went out of the bedroom and took some time to make a call. She came to me and tugged at my toes. I looked up and took a peek as I was tired after visiting a friend in hospital. "Daddy, I want ... stomach!" She grabbed the duvet and clamboured onto the bed right besides me. Within the next few seconds she jumped on my stomach(ouch!) and placed her whole body on my chest hugging on her bolster.

"Hmmm...! She wants some pampering!", I thought. I did a little of a massage on her back and patted her until she dozed off. "Hmmm...!", I said. "I could do that again!", I told Mommy when she came back. I placed her back on her bed and she had a last look at me before settling down in contentment. That seemed to have worked and I went on to have a chat with Mommy in the living room.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Vivo City Fountain!

Singapore City Hippo Tour !

Monday, May 7, 2007

Tropical Fish and Tobacco Doesn't Mix!

I usually bring Clarissa and Christa to the Aquarium at One Utama where they would be busy staring at the huge tropical aquarium with large kaloi, kelah, koi, catfish, etc. They also get to feed the 'koi' with the fish food (RM2/packet). We always watch and see whether the fish have been fed before feeding them.

The only problem is that the shopping mall's smokers also puff away in the surrounding. Some even do it with their children around. How I would wish that Health Officials are better at enforcing the 'No-Smoking' rule! Besides, 31st May is World No Smoking Day!". Clarissa in protest tells me, "Daddy, why that uncle is so naughty smoking here and dirty the place?!".

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Favourite Play Area and Crocs

Clarissa and Christa love to go to Anakku The Curve for one purpose i.e. to visit the play area. They have a cartoon video session while the children play on the slide, toy house and toy puzzle. At times, (if they don't fight over the toys) they would get to interact with the other children and parents.

I watch over them when they are there and Mommy has a look at the interesting clothing and baby accessories on display. Finally, the girls would keep the toys but we still have to figure out how to get the girls out of the play area. We almost always tell them 'the toys are nicer over the other side'!

Mommy tells me that we have to go shopping again for shoes this weekend. It's often difficult to get shoes that are safe, comfortable and lasting. Looks like it's time to go shopping for Crocs. They look really attractive and would look good on my girls anytime. Hmmm... no wonder why they also have a premium price tag!

So, it looks like we're gonna be heading to The Curve and IKANO Power Centre again this weekend!