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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I find it disturbing to find out that Benedict looked like his head had been steamrolled by a grass-cutting machine 2 weeks ago. Someone had a go at his hair and he doesn't look as 'cute' as he used to. Mommy said that he needed the haircut to make sure that his hair grows well. But why? I liked the way he looked. Omigosh! It's a killer look before his hair was ravaged!

He will never look the same. He doesn't feel so cute but he can still place his head over my shoulder when I carry him and say, "Oi-oii!". I guess, the little boy will change anyway some time later (hopefully, for the better). Can't wait till he grows up and gets onto a bicycle to join me on my road rides! (Shhh! Don't tell Mommy!).

Maybe Mommy should check with me because I know what it matters to make little Benedict look good if not better. Hehe! I can imagine more fun days ahead as long as Mommy doesn't feel that I spoil the children. (Do I really?).

Anyway, any takers for a horror movie title, "THE HAIRCUT"?