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Thursday, March 19, 2009

You wouldn't play the game with me!

I found myself at home surround by all three children yesterday evening and my attention was focused on playing with little Benedict. I placed my palms over both my eyes and asked him, "Ben, where are you? I can't see you?". Usually he would drop everything and come scurrying towards me to move my hands away. He would then give me a big smile coupled with a chuckle.

Little did I notice (what was I wondering at that point of time?), Christa (3+ yrs) had been trying to get my attention and was pushing her way through to pull my hands too. She did that several times and didn't get any response from me.

After a few repeats of the 'game', I looked up and Christa started giving a heart-felt cry. I broke her heart and was partial. She didn't need anymore proof that I 'loved' her sibling more than her. I thought, "What did I do? Why didn't I notice her earlier? Was I such a bummer?".

It did take more than a little hug to soothen the stinging hurt. It was then that I had a heart-to-heart talk to let her know that she was also greatly loved, just as God would love His children. Finally, I had to let her sleep with me although Clarissa (5+ yrs) usually shares that part of the bed with us. Now, was I hoodwinked by the tears or just responding as it should be? At least, she knows everyone gets the same amount of 'TLC' at home. Mommy too!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Little Ben is catching up

Just as we were getting worried (since Grandma reminds us that Ben was a bit slow at speaking and responding) that Benedict was having difficulty vocalising and responding to us, we found that he actually knows what we are telling him to do. He gets up fairly quickly to drop his diapers into the basket when Mommy says, "Ben, throw". This morning he set his feeding bottle on the table when I told him to do so.

Ever since we've been spending a little more time with the children they've been good! And behaving like angels! Now, let's see whether we could get him to speak some English rather than Indonesian!