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Monday, January 26, 2009

Cheongsum sisters at Chinese New Year!

Mommy had a way with getting the girls up and excited early in the morning yesterday. They had to dress up in a shiny silk dress enhanced with fine embroidery called Cheongsum(and the guys just went along in their shirts and long pants. What happened to the guy's costumes?).

Christa wanted the slim pink coloured dress but Mommy insisted that she couldn't fit into it. She inherited her cousin's pink-orange dress which made her look just as pretty. Both of them had a tinge of lipstick and they were smiling with glee.

I've added 4 photos to show the mood for just before we set off to visit our family members to wish them a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Loosing my wallet

Fancy waking up to find that your wallet is missing. The exact same thing happened a few days ago triggering panic. I had a situation where I did not have my ID card, driving license, cash, ATM cards and credit cards. Mommy had already gone to work and I was left at home. I somehow got to my office with the car running with the fuel warning signal on (I forgot to refill earlier). I was determined to go through the day without any further distractions and even thought of skipping lunch.

My day started with me calling all the banks to block my ATM and credit cards (that's how I lost most of my credit cards at one go!). I finally decided to cancel the credit cards and stick with one. Anyway, Citibank was kind enough not to charge me the RM50 fee for replacing my card because I was a long time customer.

Little did I suspect, one of my girls placed my wallet in the laundry basket with the other clean clothes. I was relieved that my important documents were intact and I did not need to make a police report. What will they be up to next?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Teething attacks at delicate curtains!

It didn't occur to me that Mommy was telling me the truth when she called me during lunch time to tell me that our living room curtains were torn. According to reliable sources (our domestic helper), Christa (3+ yrs) sank her incissors into the semi-transparent fabric and ripped the centre apart. But I was going to ask, "how on earth did she climb to that height?". As it has occurred, Clarissa then followed suit tearing the centre curtain at a higher height (but still at a height which they couldn't reach). Did they do it while standing on chairs to gain the additional 2 feet?

When I saw the damage to the white curtains, the expression on my face turned ugly (because I saw the girls tremble with fear). Little did I know that Mommy had already given them a nice scolding and some spanking earlier. Just like what Jojo Strus would say on MixFM, I decided to look at the positive side of things. I thought they deserved more attention and then probably they would not be doing so much mischief. What do you think?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Beware of roving eyes behind the camera phone

Mom and I have started to be extremely careful when my camera phone is left unattended. Christa fancies taking pictures of moving targets, clothed or unclothed, making lives difficult as she stalks us from nowhere. Maybe I shall resort to a normal cellular phone or bring it wherever I go. Or should I just get her another hobby? Perhaps she should start ballet lessons or piano classes?

Just look at the bright side. At least she has ceased to use my phone for target practice at her sister or at me!