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Monday, February 8, 2010

Caution: Kid Crossing

I had a nasty jolt this morning when Mommy's alarm rang out. Benedict was awakened and hurried across the Queen-sized bed to get the mobile phone. Little did he know that he stomped on my groin causing me to cringe and wonder what in the world happened.

Now, maybe it's not such a great idea having the kids to sleep with you if they happen to be excited by alarms and phone calls?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

All the kids have grown!

Just as it has reached the final days of my part-time job, I realised that I've been away for too long (5 months). I did not take much notice how much time had been 'lost' while I was busy attending to the needs of the basketball team.

Every late night resulted in weariness, lack of interest and a push for more time (if that was ever possible). It was a pity that the children could not make it for the matches as it seemed almost impossible for mommy to handle.

It took me by surprise when I found out that Benedict was as 'long' as my bolster and baby Caprice was a nice bubbly baby taking up the space of both my arms. Mommy, how all the kids have grown!