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Friday, October 3, 2008

Parents day out - A nightmare!

Just as we were thinking that the girls could manage themselves, both Clarissa (5 yrs) and Christa (3 yrs) gave me an unpleasant surprise upon reaching home yesterday. As Christa greeted me at the door, the smell of Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder escaped through the passageway. I thought she couldn't have done the powder-fest again?! After taking a few steps into the living room I noticed that the floor was wet and our domestic maid was busy cleaning the mop. There were some traces of powder on the floor and piano stool.

I found Clarissa sitting on the floor with her books and colour pencils (newly bought from Parkson Grand last weekend) strewn all over. There were pieces of torn paper on the sofa (traces of Christa's 'art-work'). To my relief there weren't any crayon traces on the sofa, walls or floor. Little Benedict was quietly playing in the baby-cot while watching the fish swimming around in the aquarium.

The children's bedroom was covered with a layer of baby powder with my domestic maid's personal items scattered on the floor. The radio hi-fi system was again covered with powder.

Both girls were given the cane and a stern warning after some 'interrogation'. It was only later that our maid told us that they locked themselves in the bedroom and they even took out the cane and used it on her. Both Mommy and I made sure that the girls understood that they needed to respect the maid and their bad behaviour would not be tolerated. With a forlorn look, they both said "sorry!".