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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kakak! Kakak!

Two nights ago, I came to bed quite late after doing some work on the laptop for my lectures. Little Benedict was disturbed in his sleep and turning from side to side. Was I shocked when he called out, "Kakak! Kakak!" instead of Mommy or Daddy. He repeated it several times and I quickly took him up in my arms to comfort him. He took a peek at me and laid his head on my left shoulder. I placed him on our bed and spent a few minutes patting him on his back softly.

He did not take much notice afterwards and slept soundly as he snuggled against my pillow and bolster. I tip-toed out and went ahead to shower half wondering whether Mommy and I spend enough time with our children. Maybe work isn't so important and family is. The children need more attention.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Neglecting my children!

It's been a really busy week running all over getting suppliers to deliver on time, chasing the contractor to rectify the renovations and scurrying for spare cash so that I can start business on time. Both Clarissa and Christa starts with reports of 'who hit who' and 'what little Benedict did' every night when they greet us at the door. Benedict would run in between his sisters to make sure he gets a chance to give say a big 'Dadd-eeee!' and refuses to let go of the door railings afterwards.

After taking a shower and having dinner, all of us would go to the master bedroom for a short get-together. Mom and I would give them a hug and tuck each child in their beds soon after.